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Garage Doors

We all want to keep our energy bills low, and proper insulation can help prevent heat loss from your property. However, many people forget about their garage door, as this can be a point where heat can escape. At Autoroll, we manufacture insulated doors that are suitable for residential or commercial buildings, and are made to measure for the perfect fit. These stylish doors can be finished in a selection of colours, or with a contemporary woodgrain effect finish to complement the style of your property.


Unique Shapes and Sizes

There are many reasons why standard garage or shutter doors might not be suitable for you. Your garage might be taller or wider than standard, or you may have arches or other unusual features. Whatever unusual features your property or building has, we manufacture our roller doors in the UK, so they can be made to your exact specification and delivered quickly. This means that in most cases, unusual sizes can be accommodated.


Low Maintenance

Garage doors can really improve the look of a property, and you'll want them to stay looking like new for as long as possible. Luckily, our doors are low maintenance and simply require a quick clean now and again. However, customers living close to the sea or a salt air environment, do need to clean them on a more regular basis and unfortunately we cannot warrant the doors finish, as the salt can damage the coating if not kept clean.


Remote Controlled

Our garage doors are remote control operated, meaning it's easy to access your garage without even leaving your vehicle. We offer two ranges of garage doors – our Premium Range are fully remote control, whereas our value range are set on a ‘dead man function’ – push the handset once to open the door, but to close the door, you need to keep your finger on the button.


Extra Security

When you choose roller garage doors from Autoroll, you can be sure of a high quality standard of manufacturing. Choosing a roller shutter door for your property can be a deterrent to thieves, and they are more difficult to break into.